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Fabric duct air distribution is the most cost effective, environmentally friendly, and esthetic means of dispersing heated or cooled air throughout large interior areas. Powered Aire’s Design Duct Line offers a full range of fabrics from 3rd generation polyester with woven in fire retardency to an inexpensive polyethylene fabric. We also provide specialty fabrics such as anti-microbial and anti-static. In addition we supply a variety of mounting configurations, duct shapes and sizes, diffusion patterns, colors, and customizable options.

Why Design Duct ?

A Design Duct system is utilized for heating, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and to provide makeup air. The advantages of implementing a fabric duct system are:

Improve air quality

A Design Duct system improves air quality by replacing contaminated air with cooler air as the warmer, contaminated air is exhausted by ceiling fans.

Reduce energy costs

Fresh make-up air is brought into the building by a fan and forced into the fabric distribution duct. Cool outside air is blended with heat that naturally accumulates at the ceiling. This stratified heat is saved and reused rather than wasted.

Lower purchase price

With its simple hook-in and suspension system, Design Duct:

  • Costs 20% to 60% less to install than metal duct work.
  • Can be installed in half the time as metal duct.

Overall simplicity and safety Design Duct is:

  • Quiet and easy to maintain.
  • Cleans easily with vacuum, by hand, or machine wash depending on fabric.
  • Comes completely prefabricated and ready to install.
  • Flame retardant material.

Lighter weight

Design Duct fabric weighs significantly less that traditional metal duct, resulting in a lighter roof load, easier installation, and lower shipping costs.

Improve air distribution

Design Duct is attached at one end to an air handler, and then unrolled and suspended by cables throughout the service area. Air pulled through the supply fan inflates the cylinder-shaped duct. This air is then diffused evenly through the full length of the tubes.

Colors and logos

Design Duct is available in many colors and can easily incorporate logos for marketable advertising space.

Design Duct BrochureDesign Duct Brochure