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The Lastest Touchscreen Air Curtain Control Innovation

March 1, 2018


The Auto-PILOT features a user-friendly touchpad that provides aesthetic flexibility by negating the need for unsightly controls, and by fitting into a regular electrical wall-mount outlet it allows for convenient installation at any chosen location.

The Auto-PILOT is factory programmed to implement the following air curtain options and operations:

Fan On/Off/Auto
Speed Control
Heat On/Off/Auto
Space Heater Operation
Thermostat Set Point
Time Delay
Time Schedule Operation
Time and Date Display
Temperature Display
Key Code Lockout Option
Mode Indicators

Only an Ethernet cable is needed for function of the 2.8-inch High Speed Touchscreen HMI Controller with high resolution LCD color screen. The Auto-PILOT package includes the Touchscreen, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), DC power supply and PoE DC Injector. If operating as a thermostat a remote temperature sensor is supplied as well.

AutoPilot Product SheetAuto-PILOT Product Sheet

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