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Air Curtains Approved for IECC Vestibule Exception

October 9, 2013

Great news for building designers and owners alike! Air curtains meeting specific criteria put forth by the IECC can now be implemented as an exception to building vestibules. As a result, building designers can provide more effective means of maintaining temperature within conditioned spaces and building owners will see a decrease in upfront construction costs and an increase in marketable square footage.

2015 IECC (International Green Conservation Code)

Exceptions: Vestibules are not required for the following: Item 6. Doors that have an air curtain with a minimum velocity of 2 m/s at the floor, have been tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 220 and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Manual or automatic controls shall be provided that will operate the air curtain with the opening and closing of the door. Air curtains and their controls shall comply with Section C408.2.3.

Powered Aire's Compliant Models

Powered Aire’s ETA and CHA models cater directly to the IECC code requirements and are available in unheated and electric heat.

Vestibule Exception Air CurtainsVestibule Exception Air Curtains

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