EHD-3-180DG Air Curtain

Extra High Door • 3 Motors • 180" Wide • Direct Gas

EHD-3-180DG Air Curtain
EHD-3-180DG Air Curtain | Made in the USA

180” Extra High Door (EHD) direct gas heated air curtain. Our EHD line controls environmental separation in industrial areas. Designed specially for extra-high industrial doors up to 22 feet high. Arrives assembled & factory tested. View more about our industrial air doors here.

Direct Gas
Max Install Height

At a Glance

Single Incremental Widths

4' to 20'

MAX Installation Height


Heavy Duty Motors

5 HP

Key Design Features

  • All weight bearing structural support is made of formed 11-gauge stainless steel and galvanized steel. Outer casing is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel.
  • Heavy duty 5 HP Total Enclosed Aire Over (TEAO) motors at 1160 rpm each, 50/60 cycle. Single speed.
  • Galvanized fans.
  • Access panels for inspection, cleaning or removal of motor blower assembly, without having to lower the unit.
  • High efficiency discharge plenum with directional air foil vane factory set to facilitate deflection of air stream +/- 20˚.
  • Includes NEMA 12 control panel with magnetic motor starter, overload relays and control transformer.

Recommended Controls

  • Panel mounted HAND / OFF / AUTO switch
  • Magnetic door switch for activation
  • Thermostat

360 View

360 View | EHD-3-180DG | Air Curtain | 180” Extra High Door Direct Gas Heated
EHD-3-180DG | Performance Table
MODELHeater Output
mbtu / Hour
Max. Output Temp.

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