About Powered Aire

Since 1997, Powered Aire has specialized in manufacturing stainless steel air curtains. Our product line has evolved since the early years but our foundation has remained unchanged. American-made quality, innovation, leadership, service, and community are our core values.

Green Thinking

Rising global demand for “green” buildings is impacting the HVAC industry. Powered Aire is at the forefront of this movement. We’ve put numerous resources into modernizing codes such as the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) to approve more energy efficient means for maintaining building temperature. We were also one of the first air curtain manufacturers to join the U.S. Green Building Council. Though our products are known energy savers and contribute to the global “green” effort, we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint in other ways. Powered Aire purchases over 300,000lbs of recycled stainless steel per year to make our air curtain cases. Additionally, we offer optional ECo-Motors™ on 12 air curtain models which use 40-72% less electricity than comparable PSC (Permanent Split Compacitor) motors.

Investing in Ourselves

Our manufacturing began in a small shop in the Reynolds Industrial Park in Greenville, PA. Today, our 30,000 square foot combined plant and office building is located just down the road, serving as a humble reminder of our success. Success in a highly competitive HVAC industry isn’t guaranteed. We are constantly adapting to better serve our customers’ needs and meet their expectations.

  • We’re proud to have been one of the first air curtain manufacturers to invest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software as a means to better understand air movement and use that knowledge to enhance our products.
  • We’re also the first manufacturer to produce air curtains with ECM’s (Electronically Commutated Motors) specifically designed for air curtain applications.
  • Powered Aire continuously invests in advanced production machinery that enables more in-house control over the manufacturing process and in turn shortens lead times and increases overall capability.
  • We’re proud to make some of the most advanced air curtains on the market, including models for hazardous and corrosive environments.