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Climate Control (TDG) Direct Gas Heated Air Curtains

Direct Gas

The TDG model, for Climate Control with Direct Gas Heat, is used to stop cold drafts from entering door openings while providing warm air produced by direct gas heat. The TDG pulls the air directly through the flame of the direct gas heater, blanketing the full length and width of the door with warm air. The Climate Control with Direct Gas will discharge a temperature of 105° F, even if the entering air temperature is 0° F. The TDG provides a maximum temperature rise of 105° F. This unit is commonly used where temperature is critical to maintain.

At a Glance

Single Incremental Widths

6' to 12'

MAX Installation Height


Heavy Duty Motors


Key Design Features

  • All weight bearing structural support is 14-gauge stainless steel. Case equipped with stainless steel access panels for inspection, cleaning or removal of motor blower assembly.
  • Heavy duty 3/4 HP motors. 1630 rpm each.
  • Direct gas heater equipped with a temperature sensor that controls the heater output by way of modulating gas valve. An airflow switch along with a motor contactor will ensure that the burner will not fire without the fans spinning. In case of flame failure, the flame safety relay energizes the alarm lockout relay shutting down the entire system. The system will only restart if the flame safety relay is manually reset.
  • Units equipped with proof of closure on the main gas valve, as well as high and low gas pressure switches.
  • Direct gas fired panels are mounted to the unit and contain a 24-volt control transformer, flame safety relay, temperature sensor, air flow sensor and modulating gas valve controls.
  • Top and bottom access panels to replace or service motors or blowers without lowering entire unit or bottom half of unit. The motor/blower plate comes out as an entire piece.

Recommended Controls

  • HAND / OFF / AUTO switch
  • Magnetic Door Switch for activation
  • Built-in time delay relay
  • Thermostat

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360 View | TDG - Climate Control (TDG) Direct Gas Heated Air Curtains

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TDG | Performance Table
MODEL Nozzle Widtd (In.) Max. FPM
at Nozzle
Max. CFM
at Nozzle
Avg. FPM
at Nozzle
at Nozzle
Outlet Velocity Uniformity Number
of Motors
Motor HP Heater Output
mbtu / Hour
Max. Output Temp. (˚F) Weight
TDG-2-72 72 4218 5803 3696 5082 95% 2 3/4 576 105 499
TDG-2-84 84 4218 6766 3169 5063 93% 2 3/4 574 105 547
TDG-2-96 96 4218 7732 2773 5081 92% 2 3/4 576 105 593
TDG-3-108 108 4218 8702 3702 7623 92% 3 3/4 865 105 593
TDG-3-120 120 4218 9668 3174 7614 95% 3 3/4 864 105 655
TDG-3-132 132 4218 10853 2792 7589 94% 3 3/4 861 105 775
TDG-4-144 144 4218 11606 3696 10164 95% 4 3/4 1,153 105 858