Powered Aire has joined the battle against COVID-19. Introducing the UVC-Aire, a UVC-light-infused air curtain designed to kill airborne pathogens.


NEW UV-C Light Air Purification
System for Air Curtains


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Commercial Air Curtains

Commercial air curtains (air doors) are found in retail stores and environments with consistent levels of pedestrian foot traffic. These curtains are aesthetically pleasing and quietly perform at the highest level to maximize employee/customer comfort and energy savings.

Industrial Air Curtains

Air curtains must be equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by industrial environments. Temperatures, dust, debris and other environmental factors are constantly changing, and Powered Aire’s stainless-steel, heavy duty air curtains were designed to excel in these industrial applications.

Specialty Air Curtains

Our air curtains are as versatile as the applications where they are used. From a small drive-thru window to large cold-storage freezer, Powered Aire makes an air curtain (air door) for every environment, regardless of size, location or application.

Air Curtain Selector Tool

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This tool is designed to help you find the best air curtain for your situation by asking a few basic questions.

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News | Powered Aire now offering Belimo Valve option on Hot Water & Steam heated Air Curtains

Powered Aire now offering Belimo Valve option on Hot Water & Steam heated Air Curtains

Until now, control valves have been contractor provided for hot water and steam heated air curtains. Now there is an option to specify the air curtain with a factory provided valve, ensuring quality and quick activation.

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Articles | Case Study: Negative Pressure

Case Study: Negative Pressure

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