Air Curtains For
Architectural Spaces

Architectural spaces, by name alone, demand a higher level of aesthetics and form. Architectural Air Curtains provide all of this along with the function and performance of a traditional air curtain. Powered Aire's architectural line utilizes highly reflective stainless steel on its exposed air curtains, helping to blend into the building's surroundings. To further complement a building's design standards, Powered Aire offers air curtains that can be recess- or in-ceiling mounted, helping them remain hidden from sight.

Doors Up To Twelve (12') Feet High

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  • EVE

Doors Up To Fourteen (14’) Feet High

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Doors Up To Eleven (11’) Feet High

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Benefits of Air Curtains on Vestibule Exceptions

Enhance Entryway Efficiency

Air curtains in vestibule exception settings optimize entry and exit points, allowing for seamless movement without compromising the indoor environment. They maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, even when main doors are frequently used, ensuring that energy efficiency and comfort are not sacrificed.

Effective Insect and Environmental Barrier

Vestibule exception air curtains are crucial in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. They effectively prevent the entry of insects, dust, and debris, essential in sensitive environments like healthcare facilities or food service areas. This barrier is especially important in maintaining sanitary conditions, ensuring that indoor spaces remain uncontaminated.

Temperature Control and Comfort

Air curtains play a vital role in stabilizing temperatures in settings where traditional vestibules are not present. They prevent the influx of cold air in winter and hot air in summer, creating a more consistent and comfortable environment. This is particularly beneficial in commercial spaces where customer comfort is a priority.

Space Saver

In retail settings, every inch of floor space is critical. Stores invest millions to determine the best, most efficient layout. By eliminating a vestibule, a store will save considerable space which can be used/converted into sellable retail space. Furthermore, it's a critical area and often the first point of contact with a customer.

Reduce Building Costs & Resources

For most air curtains, the cost savings begin the moment they're turned on. For Vestibule Exception air curtains, these savings begin even before that. By eliminating the vestibule, less resources are required from a construction standpoint. Less manpower, less equipment, less design work.

Save Time

In construction, it's always “do more with less.” By omitting the vestibule, this can be accomplished as less time is required to construct the vestibule. With an Air Curtain being used to replace a vestibule, time can be allocated to other projects, which will help expedite the timeline.