Air Curtain

Pass Thru Window (PTW-E) Electrically Heated Air Curtain


The PTW is specifically designed to stop outside air and vehicle fumes from infiltrating a drive-thru window.

Unit Sizing

Unit Width:
Mount Type:
Max Install Height:
3' 6"
Wind Stoppage Ability:
= 4.9mph

Key Design Features

  • 20 gauge 304 stainless steel outer case with a number three finish.
  • 107 watt motor.
  • 120 volt power cord plugs into standard receptacle.
  • Swivel mounting brackets allow for rear or top mounting and also allow for adjustment of the discharge angle.
  • Easy installation

Air Curtain Controls

  • Unit mounted variable speed dial, with FAN / OFF / HEAT switch.

360 View

360 View | PTW-E - Pass Thru Window (PTW-E) Electrically Heated Air Curtain

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PTW-E Air Curtain | Performance Table
MODELAvg. Velocity at Nozzle
on highest speed (FPM)
Air Flow Rate at Nozzle
on highest speed (CFM)
Motor Power
Electric Heating
Temp. Rise (°F)
on highest speed
Sound Level
PTW-24E16533631071.2 kW10.6° F11.22150 dba *
* Measured 10' away from unit in a free field on highest speed
PTW-E Air Curtain | Mechanical Information Table
MODEL Overall Width Unit Width Mounting Width Unit Height
PTW-24E 31.26 28.5 30.26 4.94