Case Study: Air Curtain Savings Surpass Customer’s Expectations!

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  • November 04, 2013
  • by Powered Aire

A Seattle business with two busy 9 ft. wide x 10 ft. high dock doors was hit with a $2,361 monthly gas bill. Ouch!

After installing three air curtains built by Powered Aire Inc., a $1,460 gas bill caused smiles all around. The company could sure put that $901 in savings to use somewhere else, rather than see it float out the doors each time they opened.

The company has a wet sprinkler system that requires warehouse temperature be kept above 50o. After installing the two Model ETD-3-108 air curtains over the dock doors and one Model MP-1-36 air curtain over a man door in January, 2013, the coastal company kept a close eye on its gas bills.

The March bill saw the biggest savings from the same time in 2012, with January and February still showing significant savings.

“Our gas bills dropped $400-500/month. That’s fantastic! I had no idea the savings would be so great in a relatively mild climate,” the company owner said.

DATE JAN 23, 2012 FEB 16, 2012 MAR 16, 2012
Gas Bill 2012 $1,816 $1,854 $1,678
Degree Days* 24.8 21.6 20.9

DATE JAN 18, 2013 FEB 14, 2013 MAR 18, 2013
Gas Bill 2013 $1,460 $1,459 $974
Degree Days* 24.8 19.3 16.3
SAVINGS $356 $395 $704

*Below the standard temperature of 65°F, the temperature below which buildings need to be heated.

Just like this company owner pointed out, the air curtains by Powered Aire exceeded the customer’s expectations in a mild winter climate. Imagine what the savings would be in harsher winter climates! Find out by requesting Powered Aire’s FREE, custom calculated Energy Savings Analysis.

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