From the Warehouse to the Freezer to the Patio Doors—Protect Against Insects and the Elements with Powered Aire Air Curtains

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  • March 17, 2021
  • by Powered Aire

You've heard of farm-to-table but in most cases, it's simply not that direct. Whether you're cooking at home or dining out, there's a good chance the meal you're enjoying has spent time in a production facility, a warehouse or a freezer, before making it to your plate. No matter where it originated, Air Curtains help ensure the safety and sanitation of the meal, as well as those who helped prepare it.

Cold Storage Solutions

When you work in cold storage, you may not notice that it’s 85° outside. But the hot outside air can reek havoc when it meets the sub-freezer air. As forklifts move in and out, ice, fog and moisture can build up around the door, creating unsafe working conditions. The Freezer Aire air curtain was purpose-built to perform in this environment, helping to eliminate the buildup of ice, fog and water while increasing visibility and overall safety. You can learn more about Freezer and Cooler Aire air curtains here: Cooler and Freezer Aire air curtains.

Patio Applications

Few things can make a meal less enjoyable than constantly swatting away flying insects. Restaurant and patio air curtains provide the enjoyment of outdoor dining while preventing insects and excessively hot or cold weather. These air curtains are ideal for rolling-door applications, patios and other outdoor dining areas. Common insect control applications include restaurant back doors, delivery doors and curbside pickup doors. You can learn more about Patio air curtains here: Restaurant and Patio air curtains.

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