Powered Aire Case Study: Interior Dust & Temperature Separation

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  • June 22, 2021
  • by Powered Aire

The Background

When you produce cranes capable of lifting 200 tons, you’re going to need a lot of space, a lot of steel and a lot of ingenuity. These three things are abundant at G. W. Becker, Inc.’s (GWBI) corporate headquarters in Hermitage, PA.

The full-service industrial crane and hoist company has more than 40-years of experience manufacturing and installing these massive lifting devices throughout North America. The GWBI team prides itself on providing the highest levels of quality and customer service-but

that’s not to say they haven’t experienced the occasional dust-up.

The Problem

The dust-up? Dust. And lots of it. When you are welding, cutting and shaping steel, this can be expected.

To ensure a streamlined process, GWBI’s manufacturing and production area is separated from the offices by a set of double doors. While great for communication and interaction, each time the door opens, dust, debris and hot air find their way into the office area.

To combat the problem, GWBI turned to Powered Aire for help in preventing the infiltration of these elements into the office.

The Solution

Limited space above the doors meant limited options for addressing the problem. Powered Aire’s Mini Power (MP) air curtain with its low-profile design was an ideal solution. The MP air curtain was installed above the door and a magnetic door switch was used for activation. Each time a person passed through the doors, the air curtain created an invisible barrier that prevented the dust and debris from entering, all while maintaining open access. Of added benefit, the air curtain helped separate interior temperatures, causing less strain on the main office’s HVAC system and steadier temperatures in the climate-controlled areas.

According to G. W. Becker, Inc. president, Chris Becker, the air curtain benefits were immediate. “We were searching for a solution that would keep dust from the manufacturing area from entering the office every time a person passed through,” said Becker. “But it was important that we maintained open and easy access for all employees as well. The air curtain did just that.”

The Verdict

Air curtains are extremely effective in separating interior environments. They separate temperatures and prevent the infiltration of odors, dust, debris and elements. Additionally, they can be used in a variety of applications, such as offices, hospitals, growing facilities, print houses, manufacturing and other facilities requiring separated environments.

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