Powered Aire introduces BACnet controller to simplify synchronization of air curtains with building management systems.

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Incorporating air curtains into your building automation system just got real simple.

The BACnet controller from Powered Aire come pre-programmed with functionality that simples the synchronization of Powered Aire air curtains with building management systems. With the BACnet controller, a facility manager can remotely control and monitor the air curtain, making live adjustments to maximize performance and building efficiency.

The BACnet controller is pre-programmed with the most commonly used air curtain applications, including Fan On/Fan Off and Heater On/Heater Off. Included with controller is an MS/TP connection port to ensure instant tie-in with most building management systems.

Other benefits include:

  • Optional “Fan Running”, “Heat Running”, and “Door Open” status that can sent to controller for instant monitoring of air curtain
  • Easily and instantly connect with temperature sensors on heated air curtains to provide onboard temperature sensing.
  • Installed and wired at factory for easy setup and operation