Powered Aire’s BACnet controller streamlines Air Curtain integration into building management systems

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  • March 16, 2022
  • by Powered Aire

The BACnet controller from Powered Aire streamlines the integration of air curtains into Building Management Systems (BMS). Each BACnet unit arrives preprogrammed with the core functionality that simplifies the synchronization of Powered Aire air curtains into building management systems. With the BACnet control, a facility manager can remotely control and monitor the air curtain from a centralized system, making live adjustments that maximize performance and building efficiency.

The controllers arrive preset with the most commonly used air curtain functions, including Fan On/Fan Off and Heat On/Heat Off.

Additional features include:

  • MS/TP connection port to ensure instant tie-in with the most common building management systems
  • Optional Fan Running, Heat Running and Door Open status can be sent to controller for instant monitoring of air curtains
  • Easily and instantly connects with temperature sensors to provide onboard temperature sensing in heated units
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