Spring May be Around the Corner…but it Could be a Long Block

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  • February 07, 2024
  • by Powered Aire

It’s early February and stores have started to put out their spring displays. It’s a welcome sign that maybe, just maybe, spring is around the corner. All is well until the front doors open and an arctic blast of winter air floods into the store, chilling everyone within 50 feet. Spring isn’t that close.

Shopping in the winter months can be a battle against the elements. Stores want business but when each person is accompanied by the cold outside air, the patrons, the employees, and the HVAC bills can suffer. From small boutiques to big box retailers, the challenge is the same. Fortunately, so is the solution.

Heated air curtains, also known as air doors, are indispensable tools that offer countless benefits during the winter months. Simply stated, air curtains create a barrier of warm air at entrances, preventing the influx of cold air and effectively maintaining indoor temperatures. The results?

  • Less strain on the HVAC System, meaning reduced energy bills
  • More comfortable environment for shoppers and employees
  • The ability to provide supplemental space heating, helping moderate temperatures near doorways, which are some of the draftiest and energy inefficient areas within a building.


1. A busy retail outlet during the holiday rush - The automatic sliding doors is seemingly open as much as it is closed with people checking off their shopping lists. The Air Curtain works in tandem with the door, ensuring that people can pass through without interruption but the winter winds are kept in check. To provide additional comfort, the on-board temperature sensor activates the air curtain each time the temperature drops below a pre-set level, serving as a source of secondary heat for the area near the door.

2. The “Go-To” Grocery store right around the corner - The door chimes and shoppers enter from the snow-packed streets. No sooner does the door open than does the Air Curtain activate, dispensing a heated blast of warm air that effectively blocks the winter winds while the door remains open. The air curtain helps create a warm, welcome environment for shoppers and employees alike.

Of added benefit, the HVAC system runs more efficiently, saving on energy costs.

Heated Air Curtains Blocking the Winter Winds
Heated Air Curtains Blocking the Winter Winds

Heated Air Curtains Protecting a Snowy Entrance
Heated Air Curtains Protecting a Snowy Entrance

Customizable Solutions

Hot water? Steam? Electric Heat? No problem. Powered Aire heated air curtains can accommodate every application with custom made electric heaters and made-to-order hot water/steam coils.

And while comfort may be the key focus during the winter months, it’s worth considering the visual integration of our equipment above an entry door. Powered Aire offers an array of models that complement or conceal within a space. Options that include our signature stainless steel cabinet to recessed air curtains that mount flush to the ceiling.

Heated air curtains can be indispensable allies in keeping Jack Frost at bay. Their ability to create a thermal barrier not only enhances comfort but also leads to significant energy savings and environmental benefits

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