The Latest Touchscreen Air Curtain Control Innovation


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  • June 19, 2019
  • by Powered Aire

The Auto-PILOT features a user-friendly touchpad that provides aesthetic flexibility by negating the need for unsightly controls, and by fitting into a regular electrical wall-mount outlet it allows for convenient installation at any chosen location.

The Auto-PILOT is factory programmed to implement the following air curtain options and operations:

  • Activation
  • Fan On/Off/Auto
  • Speed Control
  • Heat On/Off/Auto
  • Space Heater Operation
  • Thermostat Set Point
  • Time Delay
  • Time Schedule Operation
  • Time and Date Display
  • Temperature Display
  • Key Code Lockout Option
  • Mode Indicators

Only an Ethernet cable is needed for the function of the 2.8-inch High-Speed Touchscreen HMI Controller with high-resolution LCD color screen. The Auto-PILOT package includes the Touchscreen, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), DC power supply and PoE DC Injector. If operating as a thermostat a remote temperature sensor is supplied as well.


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