REV-1-36ST Air Curtain

Revolving Doors • 1 Motor • 36" Wide • Steam

REV-1-36ST Air Curtain

The REV air curtain is designed specifically for revolving door applications to provide additional levels of environmental separation. The REV features a customizable nozzle that can fit the diameter of most revolving doors. The nozzle attaches to an air curtain that operates in the header area above the revolving door and the entire unit remains out of sight while providing all of the benefits of an air curtain. The REV is available with several heating options and can serve as a source of supplemental heat in lobby areas. The custom design of each unit ensures that it can blend seamlessly into a building’s aesthetics while creating an effective barrier to block insects, dust, exhaust and outside air from entering.

Max Install Height
Above Door

At a Glance

Single Incremental Widths

3' to 12'

MAX Installation Height


Heavy Duty Motors

1/2 HP

Key Design Features

  • Stainless steel air curtain, galvanized extension and nozzle that can be customized to fit aesthetics of door
  • Custom-built for individual revolving door. Can be color-matched to door or the interior colors of building
  • Nozzle creates highly efficient plenum that maximizes distribution of air across entire opening
  • Designed to fit in overhead space of revolving door (dependent on available space)
  • Air curtain can be set to work in tandem with operation of door or run continuously, which is ideal in for heated units that can provide supplemental heat in areas with frigid temperatures
  • Can be used on manual and automatic revolving doors
  • Heavy duty 1⁄2 HP motors. 1075 rpm each. 50/60 cycle
  • All units are direct drive, which avoids misalignment of couplers and outboard bearings and eliminates belt replacement

Recommended Air Curtain Controls

360 View

360 View | REV-1-36ST | Air Curtain | 36” Revolving Door Steam Heated
REV-1-36ST Air Curtain | Performance Table
ModelAir Curtain Discharge Width (inches)Door Opening Width Range (inches)Max. FPM at NozzleAvg. FPM @ Air Curtain Discharge*CFM at NozzleOutlet Velocity UniformityNumber of MotorsMotor HPKWTemp. Rise (˚F)Air Curtain Weight (lbs)**
REV-1-36ST3654 up to 665560120589288%1 1/23233123

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