Electrically Heated Air Curtain


The AERO incorporates architectural style with efficient performance. A bold, aesthetically pleasing air curtain will quietly create an effective barrier to control temperatures and prevent insects, outside air and other elements from entering. The Wi-Fi-enabled AERO Connect controller allows the user to remotely manage all aspects of air curtain operation from a centralized point. This minimalistic air curtain is ideal for stores and shops, outdoor bars, office buildings and other establishments placing a premium on both form and function. With added heat, the AERO provides an additional layer of comfort and convenience on commercial doors.

Unit Sizing

Unit Widths:
from 42", 62" and 82"
1/2 HP
Mount Type:
Max Install Height:

Key Design Features

  • AMCA-Rated models available
  • Single units available in 42", 62" and 82” widths
  • Wi-Fi enabled control of key air curtain functions
  • Low profile, Architectural design

Controls & Accessories

  • Aero Connect
  • Magnetic door switch
  • Mounting brackets

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AERO-E Electric Heated AMCA Rated- Performance Table
MODEL Nozzle
Width (in.)
Avg. Outlet
Velocity (FPM)
Airflow Rate
Outlet Velocity
Power Rating
Number of
Motor HP Weight (lbs)
AERO-42E-240V/1 42 2023 1149 92% 0.200 1 0.27 49
AERO-42-208-240V/3 42 2023 1149 92% 0.200 1 0.27 49
AERO-62-208-240V/3 62 1950 1842 91% 0.300 1 0.4 67
AERO-82-208-240V/3 82 2084 2822 92% 0.475 1 0.63 86