Chill in the air? It’s Heated Air Curtain Season!

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  • October 26, 2023
  • by Powered Aire

It’s the time of year where there’s an unmistakable nip in the air. And while it’s still somewhat pleasant, it’s most definitely an omen that cold weather is upon us. It’s time to take the flannels off the shelf, shut the windows and fire up the electrically heated Air Curtains!

Heated air curtains/air doors offer all the benefits of traditional air curtains (environmental separation, flying insect control, energy savings) while also complementing an application with a barrier of heated air. Why does this matter? There are numerous benefits of electrically heated air curtains, and we will highlight several below.

Comfort and Convenience: First and foremost is COMFORT. Electrically heated air curtains improve indoor comfort by creating a comfortable, draft-free environment at entrances. In many applications, electrically heated air curtains can also serve as a space heater to provide supplemental warmth into areas near the door opening (like reception desks or host stands). They make it more pleasant for customers and employees to enter when the weather is cold. Want to further maximize the benefits of a heated Powered Aire Air Curtain? Include a SmartTouch controller to customize the application.

Powered Aire's Versatile SmartTouch Controller
Powered Aire’s Versatile SmartTouch Controller

Energy Savings: Heated air curtains can help reduce heat loss and maintain indoor temperatures by preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. This can result in significant energy savings by reducing the need for heating systems to compensate for temperature fluctuations at entryways.

Improved Air Quality: If you’re near any parking lot/pickup area in the winter, you know that if a car is running, so is the heat. Add enough cars and the air can get quite polluted. Think of the pick-up area in any cold-weather airport. Heated air curtains can also help maintain indoor air quality by preventing outdoor exhaust and cold air from entering the building. This is especially beneficial for restaurants, airports or curbside deliver applications.

Visibility and Safety: Heated air curtains help maintain visibility at entrances by preventing fogging or condensation on glass doors. They can also help prevent the buildup of moisture and ice on and around the door. This enhances safety by allowing people to see clearly as they enter or exit a building.

Cost-Effective Solution: Heated air curtains are an effective long-term solution that can provide tremendous cost saving benefits. While many factors impact the payback period, in many applications, it can be as little as two years.

It’s important to select the right type and size of heated air curtain for your specific application, as the effectiveness of these devices can vary depending on factors such as the size of the entrance, outdoor climate, and the building’s usage.

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