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  • March 15, 2024
  • by Powered Aire

To find the right air curtain for your application, there are a few key questions to ask:

Do you need heat? What are the door dimensions? Electrical requirements? Are you primarily concerned with insects or temperature separation?

At times, however, before we can ask any questions, we are asked, “How quickly can you get this to me?”

Fortunately, we’ve got an answer for that too!


The Aero arrives as an install-ready air curtain that will provide instant temperature separation, insect control and energy savings. The Aero incorporates architectural style with efficient performance. Easy-to-use controls via the Wi-Fi enabled AERO Connect allows the user to remotely manage all aspects of air curtain operation from a centralized point. This minimalistic air curtain is ideal for stores and shops, outdoor bars, office buildings and other establishments placing a premium on both form and function.

More to the point…the Aero is ready to fly! Units are in stock and, in many cases, can ship same day. Have a basic standard application in need of some quick temperature separation? Consider the Aero.

The Aero from Powered Aire
The Aero from Powered Aire


• AMCA-Rated models available

• Available in 42”, 62”, and 82” single units

• WiFi enabled programming and control via Aero Connect

• Includes magnetic door switch & wall-mounting brackets


Our line of QuickShip air curtains offer expedited service on stocked units that are pre-built, pre-packaged and ready to ship. Want it even faster than that? Click here to download our QuickShip brochure and order form. Simply fill out the form, send us the information and we’ll start working on it immediately.

Powered Aire’s Quick-Ship air curtains merge aesthetics and performance into a fashionable, low-profile air curtain. These painted white units offer a stylish intake and a curved, contemporary silhouette, blending into a building’s architectural design and layout while effectively creating a barrier that separates indoor and outdoor environments. Each air curtain includes a roller/ plunger auto door switch and wall mounting plate.

Have questions, want to learn more? Contact us at Sales@PoweredAire.com

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